Mirrors are the things that help in making space look bigger. You can add Venetian Mirror to your room and make it look spacious as well as classy.

Mirror is one of the essential decorative accessories. Be it a living room, dining room, bedroom, or any other space of the house, mirrors play a vital role in the decor of the house. It adds a special touch to the decor. There are plenty of choices for mirrors. From various big and small, contemporary and classic models, you can choose the one that suits your space.

Impressive Ways to Decorate Your House with Venetian Mirror

Nowadays, modern Venetian Mirrors are in trend. They represent the distinct style, and taste of the owner of the house. The experienced artists prepare these mirrors by blowing glass. Along with the high-quality material, it requires a lot of patience and impressive skills to create these unique mirrors. You can change the look of your house with these stylish and decorative mirrors.

Here are some interesting ways to add this stunning decorative piece to make your house look charming.

1. Gallery Wall
In the centre of the collection of your family photographs, you can hang an ornate gilt mirror. It would give an astonishing look to your living room.

2. Wall Decor
By using decorative and modern Venetian mirrors, you can create impressive single wall art. It would make that wall look unique. To get the best out of this design, it is advisable to use good lighting in that room.

3. Wardrobe Panel
Replace your wardrobe panels with mirror panels. It is a wonderful way to make your rooms look brighter as well as bigger. The best thing about this is that it would make the wardrobe panels lightweight. Moreover, you would get your own dressing area that too of wardrobe size.

4. Statement Piece
You can add a life-size mirror at the emptiest corner of the living room or your bedroom with a vintage armchair and give an old-world charm to the space. Moreover, replacing the armchair with sofa, would give a chic modernist look to the room.

5. Above the Mantle
The mantle is the most common space in the house where people place a mirror. You can also add a modern Venetian mirror at the mantle along with a decorative flower vase, showpiece, or candle stand. It would give an impressive look to space.

6. Across a Window
For the rooms with a life-size window, placing a large mirror across the window is a great idea. When the natural light would fall on the mirror, it would make the room look brighter as well as larger.

7. Porch
If you have a porch in your house with a seating area, you can hang a beautiful Venetian mirror on the wall facing the garden. The mirror would replicate the bright and natural colours of your garden and give a beautiful look to the porch.

8. Stairway
With the help of different sizes and shapes of mirrors, you can create a collage wall and decorate the wall of the staircase. This would add brightness to the boring and dark staircase. Whenever you would climb the stairs, you would admire yourself in those different mirrors.

9. Bathroom
By adding mirror in the bathroom, you can change the style of the bathroom. For the conventional look, you can go for a mirror with a frame. By adding a modern Venetian mirror over the sink would give a classy look to your bathroom.

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