Mirrors and its prime positioning in the Interior designing business is surprise to none. Mirrors of all shapes, size, variety such as, wooden mirrors, dresser mirrors, vintage mirrors, frameless mirrors and round mirrors are quite popular these days for styling your home or office space. Mirrors are not just materials that adorn your walls but also a great medium to make your space appear larger, brighter and better. In this blog, we will share with you some of the best ways handpicked by experts that uses mirrors to showcase the beauty of your space.

1. All you need for a lively living space is a pair of two large sized mirrors. Watch how magically these mirrors shape and balance your living space into a well lit living space that is welcoming and inviting to you. Such decor goes well with any colour or furniture for the walls and the furniture;

2. Gallery walls have recently been very popular amidst the interior designers. They not only elevate the overall vibe of your space but provide an exceptional uniqueness to your room. They can be conveniently be used as the sole attraction in the bedroom to keep it simple, minimalistic yet classy. Ensure that the walls are painted in a pastel or lighter hues;

3. Make a statement with a vintage or antique wall mirror. Use it as an ancient piece of decoration in your rooms. This golden hued ideal decoration will act as a magnet for all the visitors. Place it directly above a cabinet amidst antique jars, platters and bowls. Instead you can also go for a similar style for dresser mirrors and place it inside your rooms;


4. Decoration at the entrances can also be conveniently elevated by adding rustic feel to it. Brass or an oxidised metal added to the frames of any mirror when positioned at the entrance of any wall immediately adds glamour to it.

5. You can find several Dresser mirrors online that will give a welcoming touch to the bedroom. A simple square or rectangular shaped mirror placed just above the bed is also a popular trend to style your room these days;

6. Ceiling medallions can also be used for reflective decoration techniques in the living area. These are primarily available in a classic design that enhances the beauty of your home

They are not expensive and you can create any pattern using assorted mirrors to suit your style;
Enliven your home or office or any other commercial space with mirrors. Browse from a range of mirrors available at our store that suits your requirement and elevates the mood and style of your space, because looks matter!