Cut Crease like a Hollywood Star!

Vanity mirrors are very functional and also work as a wonderful home décor.

A lighted vanity mirror is a great approach to not just get the most realistic reflection of yourself but also to add some light to wherever you put your mirror.

However, with regards to lighting which is included in the mirror itself there are two exceptionally prominent decisions: LED and Hollywood mirrors.

LED Mirrors

Unlike different kinds of lighting, LED’s have a couple of unique characteristics. They keep going on for a long time, use less power, and deliver the best white light for applying cosmetics or shaving. Adding one to a bathroom or bedroom is a fabulous way to include both the much-needed light as well as a high-end mirror in one package.

LED mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can be back-lit or front-lit in engaging styles. Here, you can lay hold of the highlights that other mirror choices can’t even come close to.

Save Electricity

Being 300% more effective than fluorescent and 1,000% more than incandescent bulbs will surely give you a high saving.

• A “Green Product”
They are environment-friendly products which don’t contain any toxins or mercury.

• Won’t Attract Pesky Insects
Since they don’t emit UV light, the insects are also not pulled in towards them.

• The Best Choice for Makeup
They produce light which is top-notch, bright, and white. This makes them the best choice for makeup artists and top cosmeticians.

• Shock Resistant
Unlike in case of other bulbs, you won’t even need to stress over your bulbs needing regular replacing whenever there are vibrations and shocks.


Hollywood Mirrors

The most well-known and glamorous of all vanity mirrors are Hollywood mirrors because of their distinct look which will make you feel like a film star in your own home regardless of whether you are simply applying makeup to go to the workplace or hosting a family dinner.
You also have a couple of options if this is what you’re after. There are wall mounted mirrors which can be put over a vanity area, or on the washroom wall. Mirrors with stands can be connected to tables, and some have the choice of having the capacity to be mounted on the wall, depending on the model.

You’ll be able to find frames in various colors; however frameless mirrors are the most sought after. And in terms of shapes: rectangular, square and round are exceptionally well-known. Many Hollywood mirror fans, who need that stylish star look but already have a mirror on their wall, will add a strip of vanity lights above the mirror itself.

This can give you the look you need, that too at a reasonable price. In any case, for a classy and movie star look, a Hollywood vanity table set is the perfect way to go. Although, they are costly, they are a top of the line piece of decor.

Generally, a set will include a seat, drawers for storage, a vanity mirror with Hollywood lights, and in many cases, additional items like velvet-lined drawers for safekeeping of sensitive things like jewellery/gems.
Adding a piece like this to the room, gives a Centre of attraction and standalone piece that you will delightfully use every day, for sure!