No other home décor is as eloquent like that mirror in your house. They reveal the world as it is to you and no matter what, one cannot turn away from what they speak. It will tell you about that lipstick which has been eaten or if one is lately overeating, then, that chunk of flesh will be surely shown. Fortunately, realizing these flaws is of the essence to make a step for better. Mirrors reflect your body and soul.


Framework of mirror

Types of mirrors:-

Virtually, there is no space in your house that won’t work well with a mirror. But still, every room should be fitted with one that goes best with the type that appreciates it more.


1. Floor mirrors

Floor mirrors are large statement pieces for mounting on a stand or for freestanding and to prop against a wall for dramatic effect. Bedrooms and hallways are highly recommended for these.



2. Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors the most common and available in a great range of shapes and styles, from large floor- length to small quirky shapes.



3. Dressing Table

Dressing Table – are medium sized decorative mirror that are easy to mount for your personal use. More likely, they are also fitted with three fold adjustment for a better overall view.



Mirror Frames:-

The mirror frame has the biggest impact on the overall style of the mirror you choose.

1. Hollywood mirror

Hollywood mirror – are sleek modern LED mirrors for the fashionistas’. Used by all artists from the field of theatre to cinema, they have LED lights fixed on the borders for a well lit view of your face and the room look cinematic too!



2. Wooden frames

Wooden frames give a natural, earthy finish that works well with a Chic or understated style. From a rustic stain to a weathered finish, choose a frame that highlights the natural grain and grooves of the wood.



3. Frameless

Frameless – these mirrors are simple, sleek and versatile. This style of mirror is ideal for spaces when mirrors are for very functional purposes, such as in a studio.



4. Gilt

Gilt Gilded frames add elegance, sophistication and a touch of drama to a room; working well with a luxurious style. Metallic finishes range from silver or champagne to champagne and grey. Style and shape can be considered from a delicate casing to a modern, ornate frame.