Framework of mirror

Mirrors are an affordable way to create depth and enhance beauty in any home. Carrying on to the first list, here are some more feature!

Shapes of Mirror:-

Next major decision for one should be to find the perfect shape that compliments your room which would also balance the overall feel of it.


1. Square Mirrors

Square – also known as portrait or landscape mirrors. If in need of an elegant and simple solution, then this is the right choice.



2. Oval Mirrors

Oval – with resemblance to rectangular shape along the rounded corners, they offer a slightly vintage look.



3. Round Mirrors

Round – they come in circular shape, whereas the radius can vary from small compact mirrors to heavy ones.



4. Abstract Mirrors

Abstract – coming to the modern abstract shapes which are used to add drama to your space and be in a star shape to even a diamond.



Mirror finishes:-

You can also alter the style of your mirror by choosing different edges and finishes to add dimension and decorative touch to the mirror.

1. Patina edge gives an antique finish.



2. LED edges make for à la mode look. Adorn yourself like a Hollywood star.



3. Seamed edge is naturally very sharp, but can be sanded and dulled.




4. Pencil edge giving you a smooth, rounded edge with a matte finish.



5. Bevelled edge is slightly angled at the edges to add dimension and create the illusion of a frame.



Now, some Tips and Tricks; before you start!

• If you have a small room calling to appear spacious and big, then make that mirror to stand in a bird eye view which will give an impression of reflecting a wider range of vision.

• To bring a dramatic feel, then try putting one in front of the dining space. Also, if there is a chandelier, the charms shall escalate to another level.