Sea gold Q9 wash basin

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Sea gold Q9 wash basin

Sea gold Q9 wash basin

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* Wash basin Diameter: 16 Inches (40.64 cm)

* Installation: Over The Counter Wash Basin

* Tape hole: Without Tap Hole

* color: Natural green, silver, white

* Quantity: 1 piece (wash basin)

* Brand: MW
* Delivery Condition: 10-15 days
* Warranty: 4 years

Product note:

This hand basin is painstakingly handmade using 1200 small pieces of mother of pearl shell. Individual pieces of Mother of Pearl are glued on a Glass basin to achieve the desired design. Once the mothers of Pearl pieces are glued then the basin undergoes a final PU (Poly Urethane) finish to achieve a smooth surface on the inside and outside of the basin. They are naturally shiny material hence don’t loose shine or lustre over use, they also don’t corrode or rust over time. It is very easy to clean and maintain Just use normal soap liquid and brush for cleaning. These shells can withstand both hot water and cold water and do not react to different temperature of water. The waste drain dimensions are standard size and any pop up drain coupling will fit correctly to this basin, hence you will not have problem installing it in your house. Before shipping this item to your address, we insure you to take extra precaution in packing the items before sending them to your place.


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