Mirror decor is in and is here to stay. The fact that not very decor forms can be as interactive as mirrors makes them an inseparable part of any house decor these days. However, mirror decor comes with its own share of complexities, the most baffling one being the picking of the right mirrors for different parts of your house. After all, a mirror never lies and always mirrors the taste of its owner.

Compiled below are few tips to help you navigate easily through the complex task of picking the right mirror based on the room of the house that you are going to put it in.


1. Living Room

A living room is the most visited part of any house and warrants special attention in the picking of a mirror for it. A living room mirror has to be classy and elegant along with being large and functional; so as to enable you and your guests to have one good look at self before exiting the house.



2. Bedroom

Bedrooms are the place that full length mirrors are made to be placed at. A bedroom mirror could be placed on one of the walls or on the closet door. Make sure to leave ample space in front of the mirror to allow you to stand back and have a complete look at yourself.



3. In a Hallway

Hallways are usually narrow and dark. One or more mirrors in the gallery could not just bring light and life to it but also make it seem wider than its actual dimensions.



4. Bathroom

Well, bathrooms are a natural place for a mirror. Over the sink remains the most popular and convenient place to hang a mirror at. Make sure to not make the sink space too wide so as to enable you to have a closer look at your face during those shaving or makeup sessions.



5. Over a desk or fireplace

A classy mirror hung upon a desk or a fireplace brings a feel of opulence and grandeur to the whole place. It can also be used to create dramatic effects with the reflections of artefacts and candles kept on the sill.