Features for a Modern Bathroom Mirror

Choosing a bathroom mirror appears to be a very basic thing. Simply ensure the glass isn’t chipped, delivery is included and you’re set, right? Sorry! But with a number of options available in the market– from subtle to bold patterns: picking the mirror that will compliment your washroom layout should be clearly thought about. This process can even be somewhat introspective. Here are 3 things to consider while picking your washroom mirror.




1.Distinguish your own style.

Your favorite color is blue since it’s peaceful like your mind-set! Your most loved painter is Picasso since his workspeaks of your way of thinking!
Picking a bathroom mirror, or some other home décor, is the representation of your own image. It’s what everybody sees when they come over for a casual housewarming party or any other occasion. Regardless, the washroom is a vital space to show to your visitors. Whatever in your home’s layout, the clothes you wear, even the car that you drive will give you pieces of information towards realizing which style is one of a kind to you.


2. Sizing Your Mirror

To make a perfect symmetrical look, always consider the measure of your mirror in respect to that of your sink.
A simple approach is to make the mirror precisely as wide as the sink so the two align flawlessly.
If they are not of a similar width, another strong approach is to make the mirror around 70 to 80 percent as wide as the sink so the mirror appears somewhat smaller, but not shrunken.


3. Single vs. Multiple

Using a tall and thin mirror can give your room a more vertical look, emphasizing the height of the space (particularly effective when you have a high roof).
Using various mirrors can in any case still work even when there is just a single sink.
Indeed, fixing a mirror above the sink and after that adding another symmetrical to the first, can influence the entire space to look all the more pleasingly in contrast to a single mirror.

4. Sconces

Another reason to utilize smaller mirrors is, obviously, to enable some space for light fixtures to sit in the middle. Sink light can be located at different spots, whereas putting it to the sides of the mirror would light up your face well, making it both beautiful and practical.
When leaving space for sconces, pick a mirror that is more like 60 to 70 percent of the width of the sink (divided by the quantity of mirrors if you have more than one), so the sconces have space to sit over the sink as opposed to hanging beyond the edges.


5. Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

Another way to imagine the placement of your mirror is to ignore the extent of the sink individually and rather use the mirror to fill the whole wall – often running over the toilets also. This approach gives you a bigger mirror, which can make a small restroom feel double the size.

6. Framed vs. Frameless

Frameless mirrors are a sought-after shape for restrooms for a couple of reasons.
• They are more affordable while are quite stylish too.
• They give a modern feel. Restrooms even in traditional homesget a spotless “spa-like” look.
Frameless mirrors fit effortlessly in contemporary and minimalistic spaces without a lot of busy decor. Mirrors with fine outlines tend to suit conventional spaces where other decors are alsovery detailed and decorative. For a nice balance that can suit almost any space, choose a mirror with a simple frame, a couple of inches wide with textures that aren’tvery heavy.



Beach-weathered wooden frame gives a pleasant and complete look without seeming heavier than the sink itself.

7. Round Mirrors


Using round mirrors can be an incredible way ofbringing some softness and relaxed appealto a washroom, which frequently has a lot of hard surfaces and crisp lines.

A mirror like this one that hangs by a leash or chain from a peg gives a calm vibe ad also brings a touch of fun.


8. Suspended Mirrors

If you have an unusual restroom layout, keep in mind that mirrors don’t always need to hang level on a wall.
Suspending a mirror from the roof or a window edge, or mounting it on rails of the counter, can enable you to put a mirror in a useful spot.