My dream dressing room (and I figure yours as well) is one that is stylish in design and has enough space for luxurious mirrors with complimenting lights. Despite the lack of free space in one’s room, a stylish and practical vanity space can be set up anyplace.

Picking an outfit for any occasion is always an enjoyable experience as you try on your most loved clothing, striking poses before a mirror and ensuring you look good in your piece of clothing! Regardless of whether you are trying on clothes in a store or dressing up in your own home, your mirror ought to mirror your style as much as your outfit does.


1No dressing room is finished without a mirror. It makes the rooms to seem grander by reflecting light and gives a sense of more space. This huge gold-framed mirror turns into the point of attraction for this room and brings in a subtle touch of royality. Here are some examples: –

Tall Cheval Mirror


Ideal for boutique shops, the fancy look on this mirror makes for a vintage aesthetic, especially with the standing feet at its base. This antique style mirror will convey style to any space it is in.


Frameless Cheval Freestanding Mirror

3The Genevieve mirror combines conventional design with a contemporary finish. Even the baroque moldings have a silver covering, creating a smooth uniformity throughout. Minimal designs allow this mirror to stay detailed as well as becoming a statement piece to any changing room. The freestanding mirror is a little more than five feet tall, so you can see yourself head to toe as you try on your favourite outfits.


Long Wall Mirror

4Because of its neutral cream shading, this mirror functions admirably in any home dressing area. This dress mirror is an understated piece as the details of the room combine flawlessly with the shade of the frame.

Gold Design Mirror with Cosmetic Mirror

5For close-ups, it’s likewise helpful to incorporate a magnifying cosmetic mirror on your tabletop display. This mirror with gold design matches up with the photo frames and the clean table with it. However lavish silhouettes are also a great way to compliment a dressing area. Keep in mind not to finalize with your mirror until you have your table and seat set up to ensure it is at the ideal height for you.

Tip: A hidden storage spot has been made behind the mirror. You will surely cherish the idea of hanging pieces of jewelry to keep them from getting tangled.