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Glowarm Round LED Mirror

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Product Details

* Mirror Frame diameter: 30 inches (76.44 cm)
* Material: 5mm thick SaintGobain/ Modigaurd mirror, Laminated plywood frame.

* Design: Contemporary

* Color: warm white
* Delivery condition: 10-12 days

* Warranty: 1 year of manufacturer warranty


Glowarm round LED Mirror has a concept of inbuilt LED with huge light option for clear vision. This Mirror is a premium quality LED light mirror. A LED Mirror gives you a clean, tastefully lit area.The LED lighted mirror provides light much similar to natural light and aids in viewing yourself clearly. It will make you see yourself visibly even at night. lighted mirror is a great way to influence people who drop in. It is a simple way to enhance the glamour to your house without having to renovate or even spend a shed load of cash. These luxury LED mirrors have fascinated a lot of attention by converting a once boring, bath room into the utmost stylish rest room in the home. The mirror has been manufactured by our well skilled team who assures the best quality of every mirror.
Team Mirrorwalla ensures Original material to be used and providing best quality and designs.
For any query you can contact us by either sending an email to [email protected] or call us at 91 888-280-4771 (10 AM – 7 PM)

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