Nobody likes to share their personal space, and bathrooms are especially one of the places, where nobody judges you, stares at you with an uncomforting gaze, neither does anyone poke nor pass any comments, it is basically your alone time.

And having that alone time in peace where you won’t mind others’ concerns, you live in a world that is created by you for yourself. However, even if there is no one looking at you, your truth still confronts you when you fix your gaze in the mirror.

There’s a bundle of types of mirrors discussed below, but firstly, let’s know why that particular place in one’s house is important.



A mirror always reflects who you are and shows you the truth, but you never fear standing in front of it as there is nobody around you to judge. Fighting with the odds thrown at you by the world is always difficult, but when you look in the mirror and order yourself to overcome that pain. It is your inner power that shows you the right side, even when the mirror reflection shows an opposite world.

Mirrors can be placed anywhere in the house to give a room a bigger look, some places according to the interior designs or some others to hide a few patches, but bathroom mirrors are the ones that are fitted with all the adjustments planned in mind.

Messing up with dimensions, like having a smaller mirror on a big wall, having a set of round mirrors when the space is created for rectangular mirrors, and many more such combinations that aren’t a complementing match-up.

Bathroom mirrors are the most specific picks, as on any occasion when you have some celebrations organized at your place, hardly anyone is allowed to go and have a look in the bedroom mirrors, but nobody ever questions the use of a bathroom mirror.

If a bathroom mirror isn’t a perfect match, the imbalance in the creation of a peaceful setup of a silent world would be a small, but a deal of discomfiture for you.

To embrace your bathroom setup, having a contrasting mirror to the walls and the bathroom fittings needs to be judged right.

With thousands of options in the bathroom mirrors, you always need to look for the ones that complete your bathroom to make it look outstanding, not one that stands out from the other bathroom fittings.


The Bathroom Mirrors that are Offered Online:

1.  The Square Shape:

 The most basic one is the square shape. If you are not aware of what design of mirror would suit your bathroom fittings, go for the square ones. But now, the square mirrors are of two kinds, the first one is normal, the other is framed. The design depends on how you wish to look in the mirror.


2.The Round Shape:

Round shapes look basic, but they are classy and sometimes are vintage too. The round mirrors are relaxing, softening, and a great complimenting entity to the bathroom fittings.


3.   The Rectangular Shape:

The next in line comes the rectangular-shaped mirrors. Such mirrors are best suited for large walls to give them an even enlarged view, making the bathroom look even bigger than the actual size. The rectangular-shaped mirrors are generally known as wall-to-wall mirrors.


4.  Single or Multiple:

 Following in the line of complimenting and completing your bathroom look comes single or multiple mirrors. Depending upon the size of your bathroom wall, you can opt for a single mirror or a set of multiple mirrors. That gives your bathroom the advantage of a high roof vertical look


4.   Framed or Frameless:

Regardless of shape and size, frame and frameless mirrors are always a great fit that effortlessly stand even in a bathroom setting that hasn’t been designed with a particular thought process, and a layout to follow till the finish.


6.  Suspended Mirrors:

The newest type of mirror that joined the line not long ago is suspended mirrors. Hanging from the ceiling to a particular height in any shape you want. Suspended mirrors look like pendulums, which gives your bathroom a unique look.

In the list of best-fitted bathroom mirrors, the next in line that is  suited and recommended are,


LED Mirrors: LED mirrors unlike the other mirrors, lie on the grounds of merely unique mirrors as the LED lighting illuminates from both, the front and/or the back of the glass mirror. The best-suited light-fitted mirrors are the ones that save electricity, are also a green product, won’t attract pesky insects, shock resistant, and most importantly, it is the best choice for doing make-up as it gives a nice and true reflection of yours in the mirror.

Although, there are many other mirrors where light is the main hero like the Sconces and Hollywood vanity mirrors, but their specifics are different.

Sconces  are the ones that are placed on either sides of a mirror or placed on the top of it. In both ways sconces will help in lighting up your face, making it a great pick for your bathroom design.

If you are thinking of picking up the sconces idea, try to pick a mirror that is of 60 to 70% of the size of the area that is designed for the mirror setting, as the sconce’s setup would surely occupy some space, and it is on you to not to make it look a weird combination, but something that is complimenting.

The list of mirrors that have lights on them includes the Hollywood vanity mirrors.

Hollywood vanity mirrors are surely expensive as they are designed merely keeping in mind the comfort of film stars. Where every little dress-up thing should be positioned in one place. This type of mirror can be a suitable mirror option for bathrooms, but the only drawback in this set is such mirrors come with a chair, and there is no need for a chair in the bathroom.


The Hollywood vanity mirror is a great pick for bedrooms, with other such mirrors that look vintage and give your home an authentic and unique look as per your preference.

To get yourself the best designed mirrors of any kind, your best visit place is Mirrorwalla.

Even after reading the whole article if there are any questions to be raised are the few mentioned below:


Q1: How to pick perfect bathroom mirror?

Ans: To choose the best suited bathroom mirror, first notice how your bathroom is designed, how much space there is for the mirror to fit, and especially, whether there is extra space to place your other essential bathroom things. If there is, then the particular space for mirror would need to be measured and if, there is not much space for your other essential things, the best option to go for, would be a cabinet mirror. It won’t acquire much space and it will be helpful to keep some stuff inside.


Q2: Does LED mirrors are shock resistant?

Ans: If you haven’t tried any LED mirror yet, just because you are afraid whether they are shock resistant or not? Well, don’t worry because every LED mirror is shock resistant. Leave the tension behind of changing bulbs when there are any vibrations or fused issue, because LED mirrors are very resistant to both.


Q3: How long does LED mirrors lasts?

Ans: Well that’s one question to answer as there is no sense in buying an expensive mirror and changing its lights or bulbs literally every other month. Don’t worry, as LED lighted mirrors are energy-efficient, and highly reliable, they also have a long lifespan. Even after being able to light up from front and back, any LED mirror can easily last long for 50,000 hours.


Q4: Which are reasonable priced bathroom mirrors?

Ans: Depending on the size, shape, and type, there are some mirrors that are expensive and then there are some mirrors that are available at a reasonable price. If you wish to go for the best-suited cheap-priced bathroom mirror, you can pick any between a square shaped mirror and a round shaped mirror, depending on the space.


Q5:  Are suspended mirrors suitable for bathrooms?

Ans: If you wish to buy some new and trendy bathroom mirror, your best fit that will complement your bathroom setting would be the suspended mirrors. Hanging from the ceiling to a particular height you require. It will give your bathroom a classic and authentic look, making it a preferable choice to opt.