If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could have a mirror that looked like it was made of leaves,” then we have the product for you. The Silver Leaf Wall Mirror is a masterfully-crafted piece that will make any room feel like the royal throne room it was meant to be. This full-length mirror is made from the finest materials and crafted by our well-trained team of artisans. This decorative wall mirror can be used in bedrooms, lobbies, dressers and drawing rooms alike—anywhere you want to add up the touch of royalty & aesthetics.

The silver leaf wall mirror is been manufactured by our well-skilled team who assures the best quality for every product we create. Team Mirrorwalla ensures that only original material is used with maintaining the best quality and design. Featuring a large leaf design on a decorative wooden frame painted in a small metallic silver finish. This product is made to the highest standards using safe materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

This Silver Leaf Wall Mirror Would Look Great on Any Wall

When it comes to mirrors, there are two things you want: style & quality and this round silver leaf mirror has both in spades.

The design is simple, yet striking, with a metal frame made up of multiple leaves and an antique silver finish. This large silver leaf wall mirror would make a beautiful choice for those who love nature-inspired decor and silver home accessories. This beautiful mirror is perfect for above a dressing table or console table or in the bathroom above your sink. It can blend into modern, vintage or luxurious style interior decor themes.

You can have this silver leaf mirror wall mounted via hooks on the back of it—a feature that makes it easy to install without having to drill holes into your walls! We have an entire selection of mirrors available in a wide array of colours and sizes to fit every space in your home!

Provide a Stunning Focal Point With Silver Leaf Mirror

You deserve a little luxury in your life, that’s why we created the Silver Leaf Wall Mirror. This beautiful wall mirror will make any space feel like a palace. Whether you need something to open up your smaller space, or just want to check yourself out before heading out the door, this mirror is perfect for you. With its simple, and multiple design options adding up the luxurious, metallic shine is sure to fit right in with any décor style.

Crafted from wood and featuring a beautiful silver leaf finish, the large wall mirror makes the perfect subtle statement. Wonderfully versatile, it promises to complement both modern and traditional interiors and will look particularly on point.

The Silver Leaf Wall Mirror is a unique way to bring luxury and artistry into your home. This decorative  mirror features the natural sparkle of decorative silver leaf, combined with the superior mirror from Mirrorwalla, creating a high-style design that’s distinctly unique.

The light antiquing and distressed silver leaf make this piece look like it was handcrafted by a skilled artisan, but the truth is that it was produced with advanced product engineering—a process that allows for each mirror to be custom-made for you.

Mirrorwalla’s Custom-Made Silver Leaf Mirrors

i) It’s time to add some sophistication to your home. The Silver Leaf Wall Mirror—is a timeless piece of furniture that will complement your living room or bedroom with its classic style and elegance. It’s the perfect addition to any modern or classical interior setting.

ii) The delicate work on the frame is a great choice for modern and classical interior settings, and it is sure to add exquisite beauty to the frame.

iii) Interiors are incomplete without the stylish splash of a shiny and well-designed mirror. Can you choose anything better than the classy and sophisticated round silver leaf mirror for your home? Definitely not! The vintage but contemporary-looking mirror adds the necessary panache to dull surroundings.

iv) The fact is that the silver leaf work is timeless and has been used by artisans since time immemorial. But, the fact is, it still looks ageless and adds exquisite beauty to the frame.


There’s more to our mirrors than clear glass; MirrorWalla’s silver leaf wall mirror can add a touch of sophistication to any room. It is the perfect complement to your home decor. Designing and decorating a room requires a lot of thought, inspiration and sometimes a bit of imagination. Once you add the Silver Leaf Wall Mirror, your place will look extraordinary.

Now you can have a touch of artistry, hand in hand with luxury, in your house or apartment. Now get the best of such mirrors online & delivered to your doorstep. Make sure to check the details regarding the product you want to buy; this will make your purchase suitable.