When you buy a mirror, the last thing you want is to just put it up on the wall. When you buy functional mirrors, you must place them strategically to maximize their look and value. Add more brightness and depth to your home by placing cheap wooden mirrors strategically around significant places like your bedroom, dining room, hallway or even the living room. This wall mirror category provides all-time luxury finishing to your interior designs.

Like the idea of creating a stunning focal point in your home by incorporating the usage of wooden mirrors? If yes, then you are definitely on the right track. It is important to note that a mirror should not be placed just anywhere and everywhere on the walls. It should be used strategically. With this said, we are going to explore some great ways how you can utilize the cheap wooden mirror in your interior design and decor ideas, both at home and work.

Statement Piece

At Mirrorwalla, we craft durable & cheap wooden mirrors that are durable and unique, with the ability to turn any ordinary house into an extraordinary home. Each beautiful and decorative wooden mirror adds a touch of comfort and personalisation to the home environment, sure to catch the eye of any guest.

We like to consider our cheap wooden mirrors as statement pieces that can be passed down through the generations. Statement pieces are an incredible choice in the home as they become the focus of the design and draw the eyes of anyone who enters the room.

If you’re looking to set the tone for your living space, a  wooden mirror could be just what you need. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to pick a statement piece, with many people thinking you need to opt for something big and bright. Choosing an item that is too colourful or large can have an adverse effect and dominate the room. Mirrorwalla offers a range of designs that will complement any style or décor in your home – from rustic wood grain textures to sleek brushed metal finishes.

Wooden Mirrors are Affordable & Always Trendy

We believe that the best products are those that are uniquely yours. That’s why we love our cheap wooden mirrors—they’re as unique as you are. Our mirrors come with an exposed grain finish and a natural feel that will add to your home decor.

Each mirror is lovingly made in our studio, where we use traditional steam bending techniques to create smooth curves in the frame and beads that hold the mirror in place. So you can be sure that each product undergoes a rigorous examination before it’s sold.

Whether you’re a minimalist or more of a maximalist, Mirrorwalla’s cheap wooden mirrors can be placed on the wall or floor—they suit every kind of home and design theme. As each one is unique, it will become a treasured part of your house for years to come. We know that when you buy a mirror, you want it to last. That’s why we use only the highest quality materials in our bespoke wooden mirrors.

Placement of Wooden Mirror

There is no written rule that a mirror with a wooden frame must hang on a wall. Sure, wall mirrors have their own charm but you can also set a huge mirror on the floor or even a smaller mirror on some surface. If you are thinking about placing a mirror on a surface, make sure it goes with the décor of your room.

‘For a piece that is both elegant and distinct, consider our Oak Wood Floor Mirror’

With a range to choose from and in various finishes, our pieces complement a range of homes from contemporary to the character. This full-length mirror purely has a feel of contemporary furniture design, It gives royal look to your bedroom and dressing area, and this  mirror can be used in bedrooms, Lobbies, Dresser, drawing rooms etc.

This cheap wooden mirror has been manufactured by our well-skilled team who assures the best quality of every mirror product. Team Mirrorwalla ensures Original material is used with maintaining the best quality and design.


Our wooden mirrors make for a budget-friendly, stylish solution to decorating your home. What’s more, these carefully crafted pieces are a great alternative to traditional framed mirrors, adding a decorative element without imposing on your space. If you prefer the look of wood over the glass but want to ensure your mirror’s safety, our wooden range is an excellent choice. A cheap wooden mirror could be part of your home decor for years to come.

Mirrorwalla holds the key to turning any room into a luxurious home. Each piece is unique and offers elegance and sophistication that will last for years. Keeping up with the latest trends in interior design doesn’t mean that you should spend your whole paycheck on new furniture, instead get yourself one of these cheap wooden mirrors and let it be the centre point of your design theme.