Mirror on the walls, on the dressing tables, decorative mirrors in the living space, gym mirrors, mirrors for the dance studio….so basically it is mirror…mirror everywhere!

A mirror placed on any corner, any wall or anywhere in your home has to have a reason and the purpose of being there. You cannot place the same kind of mirror in every corner of your home. There is always a reason behind placing a mirror. Some people follow vastu, some interior decor trends, some to hide the patches, some to make the home or the room look bigger etc.

Though as per the human psychology, a mirror stands to be the most important part of a dressing area and the bathroom. And everyone will agree upon this.

Not only does the placing of the mirror needs a purpose, but the shape and the size of the mirror also needs reasons. Your living space should not look gaudy or improper even if it just a mere mirror thing to be selected.
Like if we talk about a rectangular mirror, it has its corners and sides, they look quite abrupt, old and simple.

When we talk about an oval shape mirror for bathroom decoration, the oval shape of the mirror gives a tender, subtle, elegant and a beautiful look to the bathroom. The oval shaped mirrors are not only meant for decoration of any place or do not come under the category of decorative mirrors always, but the elegance they give the place they are hung upon is unmatchable.

If you wish to choose something classic for your bathroom, then your perfect choice is an oval shape mirror for bathroom decoration.

Nowadays one can find the oval shaped mirrors in various types and forms. You can get framed and frameless oval shape mirror for bathroom decoration. The vast list of framed mirrors can be listed as under:

• Simple, classic wooden framed
• Delicately carved and designer metals with ornate designs
• Vintage frames
• Plastic but a contemporary one
• Antique frames

Where to place the mirror in the bathroom?

It is a pattern or a trend these days that people don’t use a single mirror in their bathrooms. Rather, they use more than one mirror. What do the people do these days?

They place the mirrors in contact with the window so that the outdoors are easily visible in the bathroom. The reason behind this is that one does not feel trapped within the bathroom. Moreover use of 2 mirrors in the bathroom makes it look huge and bigger.

It is your decision as to how to set the mirror in your bathroom and make the best use of it.