The classic furniture elements look and feel great. Elements like large silver leaf mirrors add a classic ancient appeal to your living space. These rustic elements usually have a clean yet washed out look that makes them the perfect decorative articles for bathrooms.

What is So Special About the Silver Leaf Mirrors?

Large silver leaf mirrors have an industrial appeal to them. They look great in clean and organized spaces like bathrooms. The mirrors made by high-quality mirror manufacturing companies usually retain their shine and appeal for years to come. These mirrors age in a beautiful manner. Therefore, they look better with the washed-out look.
The value of a high-class silver leaf mirror increases with time. Several mirror owners flip these articles for exponentially high prices after using them for a few years. In fact, a few washed-out mirrors from the early 19th or 20th Century are sold for millions of dollars in black markets. If you can preserve a high-quality mirror for the next few years, you may be able to flip it for an extravagant price.


Are these Mirrors Affordable?

The price and value of a silver leaf mirror depend on various factors. The quality of maintenance, previous ownership, and the quality of make are the 3 key factors that govern the value of a high-class silver leaf mirror.

  • Quality of Maintenance: Typically, the rustic silver leaf mirrors hold more value than the modern-day ones due to their dated look. People often see the buffed and scratched surfaces of the frame as seen as virtues for such rustic mirrors. While people like a dated look for the overall frame, they prefer a clean reflective glass pane. The mirrors that have a clean and well-maintained glass pane are usually worth much more money than the ones that have tainted panes.
  • Previous Ownership: If your rustic silver leaf mirror was owned by a celebrity or a famous personality from the past, its value increases by a significant amount. However, you need to produce the right proof to show that the previous owner of the mirror was, in fact, a well-known person. Mirrors owned by celebrities, and royal figures of the past are often sold for millions of dollars.
  • Quality of Make: High-quality mirrors are worth more money over the ones that are fragile. You should always prefer buying such mirrors from a reliable mirror manufacturer even if the price is slightly higher for it.

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