Mirrors are a blessing. They are functional, decorative, efficient, classy, all summed up on one shiny beautiful reflective surface. The right use of mirrors could work wonders for the decor of a house. Above all, every time you pass them, they allow you to have a look at the most beautiful person, you. They don’t just open up your space but also make your interiors look larger than they actually are.

Mirror decor gives us ample space to get creative and let our artistic side come to the fore in the selection and placing of the mirrors. However, it can range from being simple to getting really complex; and that’s why to get it all figured for you, we have picked five uber cool ways to decorate your house with mirrors.


1. A collage of mirrors

Bring them all together on one wall- The big and the small, the new and the old, the classy and the contemporary. Make an assembly of mirrors on a wall of your living room or in a gallery.



2. Oversized floor mirrors

Bigger the mirror, bigger the room looks. The added advantage of being able to check out your outfit from head to toe makes this type of mirrors a real lucrative affair.



3. Bathroom mirror wall

The fact that bathrooms are our private personal spaces where we catch a few moments of solitude in an otherwise fast life, makes them the perfect place to have a complete wall where we could have a good look at ourselves away from the eyes of the world.



4. Pop it up

Mirrors with borders done in pop colors are still a rarity in home decor. However, they could just be the way for you to bring a vibrant edge to your decor.



5. Mirror art

Mirrors have always been an integral part of art. A mirror art placed in your spaces could well be the highlight of your decor. They not just reflect your rich taste but also literally bring a new dimension to their ambiance.